Monday, August 19, 2013

Skill Tester addiction

No. 236 random fact about me: I love skill testers!!
That tuxedo Sam had my name all over it but I have one rule when it comes to the claw machine, don't attempt the ones with a big claw! I went back the other day and Tuxedo Sam (penguin guy) was gone! *gasp* at least someone was successful :) Slightly gutted but I know my skill tester abilities and its big claw limits :p  btw I would have totally been okay with a hello kitty, keroppi or pikachu!

Do you guys love skill testers? Do you have the skill? he he


  1. Gosh I've lost so much money to those claw things. In Japan I lost A LOT of yen trying to get Rilakkuma frustrating. I suck at them lol

  2. They're definitely money stealers but when you do get something, it's so exciting, even if you did spend $20 trying to get it :P lol lol All in moderation right? Luckily we don't have many skill tester machines close by :P

  3. I don't have any skills,so i try to keep away from temptation ahaha

  4. I totally get the skill tester addiction! Too fun! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm now following you on bloglovin :)

  5. Thanks Tania! I just discovered this amazing arcade in the valley, you should definitely go being a local girl, it's just down from BYO Vietnamese, there is a small arcade and the skill testers are randomly in amongst a Chinese (?!?) restaurant. It's a bit awkward if you're not actually dining in there lol but they don't seem to worry


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