Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Someone who gets me :)

I’m so blessed to have met Ben, he looks after my happiness in crazy way.  I came home the other day after a bad shift at work and had a vent on the phone to Ben (he is still out in the desert for work, only one week to go though!!).   The very next day, a big bunch of flowers were delivered to me :) Ben later said, it was all he could think to do, being so far away.  It was a really nice surprise but maybe even nicer than getting flowers was knowing, how well Ben knows me.

One of the first things Ben asked me that evening was “did they deliver them around the back?” I told him no. Someone has knocked on our front door and the only people who do that are a) the mailman or b) angry neighbours. I’ve had to cop an angry neighbour confrontation before and since then I’ve been too scared to answer the front door :P Ben said he made sure to give special instructions to deliver the flowers to the back door, knowing I’d be too scared to answer anyone knocking on the front.  Even though the flower guy messed up, I had the hugest smile knowing, someone gets my strange ways :)
P.S. I’ve been inspired by Irela’s blog lately and how she lays out her photos, so I thought I’d try something different myself.  I’ve used Pugly Pixel’s Photo Layouts which were simple and easy to use in Photoshop :)


  1. Ben is really a ***** boyfriend!
    I love when someone know ' our strange ways' <3

    sweetest post ever!

  2. yeah he's delightful :) *blushes* I'm definitely strange so it's awesome to have met someone strange and understanding of strangeness :P lol

  3. thats so sweet! what a lovely boyfriend! :-)

  4. I'm super appreciative of him :)

  5. Wow that Ben sure is an amazing guy. That is so sweet and so very thoughtful, it would have my day too. He's a keeper ;)

    BTW, thanks for the lovely shout-out, I love what you did with these photos ♥

  6. Your blog is very inspirational!! :)


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