Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Little India - Singapore - Walking Tour

So what's the first thing you do in a new country, go out and explore! Little India was smaller than I was expecting, well Singapore is small so I don't know what I was thinking :p I felt though in just one afternoon we had a pretty much grasped what Little India had to offer :) Singapore seems very modern, a favourite of Singaporeans seems to be to point out (in sadness) how Singapore likes to pull down anything old and replace them with new things, well Little India doesn't give off that vibe, it's colourful, busy, worn and has some very interesting aromas, it was a fun place to explore :). Oh and if you were unaware English is a spoken Language in Singapore, we did encounter one or two older individuals that had limited English but other than that, there was no language barrier.

I must admit fell in love with all the tiles!

We stopped for a drink, super hot! I picked myself up a yummy fresh fruit drink for $2 :) Ben got the kick a poo :p

We also stopped in at 24/07 shopping centre called Mustafa, were they zip tie your bags as you enter. I headed to the shampoo isle to grab a bottle and a lady straight away tells me I'll be needing the greasy hair shampoo *goes red* I'm a bit self conscious about my hair, I have to wash it every second night or it looks like I haven't washed it in weeks. I chatted more with the lady who actually was pretty sweet, I guess I'm not use to such honesty, lol.

P.S. I'm sticking my film and digital photos together in each blog post this time :)


  1. such pretty colours! all those tiles are great! I love the photo of the mailbox and the tiles behind it, I wish mine looked like that!

  2. lots of great colours, I was in love :)

  3. Hahaha so funny the Mustafa shopping center lady story! I would also not be prepared at all for such honesty! :) Amazing pictures; the colors pop in my screen. Love all the details, tiles and windows! By the way, what is the kick a poo drink? Never heard of it!

  4. :) I think the drink's company might be Kick a Poo?!? It said it was an USA drink so maybe someone else knows more, but the actual taste was like, a fizzy yellow lemonade :)

    I loved all the details too!!

  5. That part of Singapore looks lovely,such an explosion of colors :D
    love all the photos <3

  6. Thanks! I'd definitely recommend people take a stroll around Little India if they ever go to Singapore :)

  7. Hehehe - kick a poo :D
    Awesome photos Fee :) xx

  8. There's just so much color! I love cheerful places like this. I agree with you, the tiles are so lovely ♥

  9. It was a fun walk getting to take it all in :)


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