Monday, September 23, 2013

Where to stay in Singapore - Vintage Inn

So I think the best way to approach my Singapore/Malaysian blogging is through a chronological order recap and what better place to start then where we slept in Singapore. BTW Singapore was on the travel cards, honestly because flights were $400 aus return, woohoo. Nothing like a cheap deal, unfortunately accommodation prices in Singapore are crazy! I guess because it's a small island - a guy told me he could drive from one side to the other in 35minutes (might be pushing it) but gives you an idea of how small Singapore is. Our driver told us, they build up (apartments) down (subways) and outwards (man made extensions) in Singapore. Pretty impressive!

Anyway we rocked into Singapore at 3pm after our 7.5 hour flight and had been told to wait for someone, from our hotel, holding a sign - lots of people with signs but none for us :( after waiting for half an hour and people slowly disappearing we decided to take action, phone attempts, the info desk telling us to "wait a little longer" and finally through email we got a hold of them. An hour later (gah!) and we're being picked up, sort of a bummer start to our holiday but luckily things picked up after that. So the hotel we stayed at was called Vintage Inn, it was around $80 a night (cheap for Singapore) and this literally got us a bed in a capsule style hotel.

The hotel was new, so it meant it was clean and fresh + great decor.

From what we could tell it was run by a bunch of young guys. In our heads the story we gave them was that they were handed down riches by their parents, bought a hotel but didn't have it all clued on when it came to owning and running it. Quite possibly a complete and utter fabrication :p

For $80 a night though you can't be too picky and the guys running it were definitely nice enough, it was just little things like the tardy pick up, not cleaning the bathrooms everyday, not letting us know when they did things like change the locks... you've been warned :)
They do provide breakfast though so that might undo any wrongs!

As for our stay, since we had lots of activities planned we just used our accommodation to shower (shared facilities) and sleep. Now being from the QLD we're use to shops shutting at 6pm but in Singapore shops open late and close late which meant many of our fellow Vintage Inn room mates came in at midnight or later. I bought ear plugs so I was happy but yeah definitely something to consider if you're a light sleeper as only a curtain blocks you out from others!

Would I recommend Vintage Inn? Yup, it's a good option for cheapskate travelers, it's situated in Little India which was a fun area to explore and as long as you're not wanting to spend time in your hotel (and have ear plugs) you'll be set!

By the way my first impressions of Singapore? Lego! I instantly thought of a little legoland, manicured lawns, neat and clean, lots of trees and flowers.  Our driver told us that if a tree is knocked down for construction purposes in Singapore it's mandatory to plant a new tree, I wish we had that here in Australia!  Also, since Singapore is pretty much on the equator it was hot and humid, which I personally loved :) 

Okay next posts are going to be super photo filled, promise!


  1. wow the hotel looks awesome! sorry that you've had a bad start, it happened to me a lot when i was travelling in india - there is no man with the sign, for hours, until we gave up and caught the taxi...

    would never imagine singapore reminds you of legoland! i somehow picture it differently, well i've never been there but would love to

  2. I sort of felt because Singapore was so small they really looked after it and paid attention to nature and by having this strong natural element they could make their country beautiful :) That was just my thoughts anyway!

  3. Ah how cute are the little capsules! :) I probably couldn't do that - think it'd be a bit claustrophobic for me :)
    Eeek I'm so excited to see/hear all about your adventures!!
    loves xx

  4. It's always a treat to see others' perspectives of Singapore. I didn't even know we had hotels like this here. Can't wait to see more of your Singapore/Malaysia photos! :)

  5. This posts are always very interesting for me for i have a guest house and it's funny to see how things work in little hostels in the other side of the world...
    We only have 4 rooms but Joao cleans the bathrooms twice every day ahaha and i always gets to be the guests best friend by the end of their stay!
    I personally would not be able to sleep with only curtains apart form other people but i'm such a baby <3

    Love this colors and look forward for your next posts on the trip!

  6. Wow! The hotel looks very cool and so unusual! xx

  7. I've always wanted to stay at a capsule hotel. They look super fun and its such a different experience! I can't wait to see more photos from your trip. Eagerly awaiting :D

  8. whoa this post was a lovely read and the photos are wonderful. i would love to stay in a little hotel like this!


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  9. Thanks for all your comments guys!

    Always fun to read through them, I think it's not as claustrophobic as you would think because of the white walls and ceilings making it look bigger than it is. I think if you can sit up in them it's okay, the one I stayed at in tokyo, was pushing on my limits :P

  10. Interesting to learn about the high prices of Singapore, never thought about it. The Inn has a really cool decoration! Was it noisy to sleep with other people at only one curtain away? I think I could consider it because it looks so clean and in a rad neighborhood but it should be a room on the floor, I am more scared of the heights than of the small spaces ;)

  11. It was really noisy, but I carry ear plugs with me, so I have no trouble sleeping :)

    It was on the second floor, not scary high, you might be okay!

    I've got a fear of heights too!

  12. I like your comparison with lego land. I'm in Singapore at the moment. it's definitely all very well organized, clean and almost a bit sterile. don't get me wrong, I love it, but it is different, and it takes a while to get used to it :) great pics!! loved your Little India pics, too!!

  13. Oh I'll definitely go check out your Singapore posts how fun :) My internet is on super slow speed until the end of the month *cries* I'll let them load slowly! he he he

    Singapore was definitely different to what I was expecting, I'd recommend people visit though :) I had a really nice time. Have a lovely rest of your stay!

  14. Even when Singapore is expensive, it does not necessarily have to cost you a lot if you are willing to compromise a little. For those who can be flexible, these capsules are great!

  15. Yeah our holiday was very reasonably prices, accommodation was really the only big money card!


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