Thursday, September 19, 2013

We're back!

Yay I'm back from my Singapore/Malaysian holiday and let's just say it was even better than I expected :) I think Singapore gets a bit of a shoddy rap for it being only a shopping/eating destination and Malaysia well we only saw a glimpse in our three days which clearly means we'll have to return!

I ended up taking 3000 photos with my digital camera + 8 rolls of film that I need to scan, mmm, this blog might need to take a short hiatus as I feel like I've come back to an even busier life than when I left did that happen? For now I'm going to leave you with the silliest photo we took, just before we left. We're not use to having handfuls of cash and when the Malaysian dollar was 2.4 times our own, it was hard to resists doing the following...


If only they exchanged coins instead, could of maybe completely covered Ben's body, lol


  1. Yei! Welcome back! :) Can't wait to see your footage. So funny pic! I usually feel strange with foreign money as it wasn't really the thing :P In our last trip I was not able to discern the coins even in our last day (how shameful of me, I know...)

  2. I'm shocking with foreign money too, Australian money is plastic and quite colourful compared to other currencies (not that I've had the pleasure of holding that many :P) but yeah when notes all look the same, I shamefully struggle!

    :) :)

  3. wowee 3000 photos! can't wait to see some of them!

  4. Yeah it's fun to get to go through them all too!

  5. Welcome back! Glad you had a fun time. The picture is so brilliant! So excited to see your travel photos.

    The Young Bridget Jones

  6. can't wait to share them :)


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