Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Haw Par Villa - Figurines

Back for round two of Haw Par Villa. These photos were all shot walking around the park, which surprisingly for once in Singapore was bigger than I had imagined :) Ben and I easily filled up three hours of exploring the grounds. Enjoy!

Don't look to closely, here is just one of the dioramas from inside the Ten Courts of Hell.  Which for me seemed to be all horrible ways in which you will be tortured for your crimes!

Oh hey just breast feeding an older lady...nothing to see here :p

 This guy was my favourite!

I loved this story, about a guy that had made friends with a turtle when he was younger and then in later life when his boat sunk, he was the only one rescued by his turtle friend. And kids that's why you always make friends with turtles!

I'll let you guys make up your own stories for the rest!


  1. This is so bizzare and cool. Love it! x

  2. I haven't been to Haw Par Villa in years! There used to be a giant water slide and a ride through the ten courts of hell but they've changed it all now to cut down on costs.

  3. giant water slide, what! That's so rad!! I would of loved to have gone when the ride was about :)

  4. oh, I still haven't made it there even tho it's quite high on my list. nex time!!!

    ps: great pics

  5. interesting but somewhat creepy!

  6. Petra it's well worth a visit :)

  7. All Countries should have there very own Haw Par, I say :)


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