Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gardens by the Bay

After spending the morning at Haw Par Villa on our first full day, we then took the train to go explore Gardens by the Bay in the afternoon. BTW the train system is not only super cheap in Singapore (on average never more than a few dollars for a trip) but it's also super easy to navigate. It's similar to Japan but being a much smaller place makes Singapore more simple. We also bought ourselves a train card so we just needed to swipe it at each station :)

Gardens by the Bay opened in 2012 we took a big walk around and there were still some areas under construction but on a whole it was very much open and welcoming. Now there are a few ways to spend money at the gardens but this post is for the cheapskates! You see entry to the park is free and the gardens are really nice to go for a stroll in, so I'd say if money is super tight, bring a picnic lunch and have an hour or so stroll around :) If money is semi tight, I'd must do the Cloud Forest Dome! If you're loaded with the cash then I say, do both domes, the sky walk, get a shuttle bus ride, eat at the fancy restaurants, buy lots of souvenirs, book yourself in at Marina Bay, lol, okay I'm being silly!
Onto the freebie photos!

You know what was sad about our trip? We missed the lantern festival :(
We did take these pictures of the floats being set up though which was a nice little glimpse! Maybe an excuse to go back to Singapore?

This is the view you see as you walk towards the gardens from the train station. See those tree structures? That's the supertree grove :) For a $5 fee you can walk around the structures on a skywalk (looked awesome!) but was unfortunately or fortunately (which ever way you look at it) it was shut due to bad weather, you know fear of lightning strikes!

This is one of the domes, there's two, which I'll post about next but as a spoiler alert, the Cloud Dome totally kicked the Flower dome's butt :p For a look into both domes it cost us $28 per adult.

How amazing does that skywalk look! Actually the trees were super impressive. I imagine once the creepers and plants on them have flourish it will be even more killer :)

Playing around with double exposures on my holga :) It was a definite fun photo trip for me :)

Marina Bay Sands in the background, a totally ritzy hotel which has the thing called an infinity pool on top, google it if you want to see one impressive pool!

Giant baby! This sculpture is a new feature to the park created by artist Marc Quinn

You know what I love about Singapore is how they use their space. This picture above, for example, was taken as we exited the train station to get to the Gardens. Mirrors and flower panels lined the hallway, really setting up our experience - I definitely appreciated that about Singapore :)

On another freebie note the gardens do a free light show at night, which from all the pictures I saw looks awesome.  We were knackered though from our day and decided we couldn't make it to 8pm !  Sad but true


  1. fantastic pics. I've never been there in the rain. I love the view over to the city, with the skyscrapers disappearing in the clouds!!

  2. It was a super foggy/rainy day! Probably helped a lot in favour of the photos :)

  3. Your photos are crazy stunning! Absolutely incredible! Going to go and stalk your archives immediately!

  4. The fog goes well along the landscape :D


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