Saturday, October 26, 2013

Johor Bahru

Both Hello Kitty Town and Legoland are located in Johor Bahru in Malaysia, since we would be traveling north afterwards I decided accomodation close to legoland would be wise.  Warm Blanket Hostel came up in my search - budget friendly and the closest to legoland with the best reviews. 

I was probably expecting a little more than we got, it was very basic so much so that they didn't even provide a towel.  It was here we also stumbled upon the Malaysian water hot water system which left us having cold showers for the next two nights! A tip for those ever traveling in Malaysia they like providing a hot water switch outside the shower! I don't regret picking Warm Blanket since a cab from Legoland to our accommodation only costs 22RM (under 10 aus. dollars) and outside, lining the street that night were food vendors :)

These skewers were my top pick not surprisingly picked by Ben - I have a history of always choosing the least tasty option :p

Case in point that bamboo wrapped parcel, yikes, we couldn't finish whatever was inside!

This burger guy was the best! Seriously so much love and time went into our burgers, he even wrapped our meat up in a egg, like a little present :)

After hanging out in some plastic chairs that night (Malaysia seems to love plastic chairs) and a sound sleep at Warm Blanket we caught a cab in the morning to Larkin about 15 minutes away, where we boarded a bus to take us to Malaka! We got there early so we decided to explore the adjacent shopping centre and we ended up finding cats! How awesome :) I swear you'd never see a cat in a shopping centre in Australia, well none that I've been too anyway. It was awesome and a fun way to pass our time

And then we boarded a bus, an amazing pimpin' bus with each seat being worthy of first class title.  I had no issues spending the next three hours sprawled out in my recliner! Luxury guys :)

 To Melaka and beyond!


  1. wow, you survived JB :)

  2. lol, we didn't actually make it into the city center, apparently that was a wise choice hey? :)

  3. :D lose those neon bus lights ahah

  4. The colours in the bus were awesome, I've never been so happy on a bus ever! lol

  5. Incredible colors in the bus, very pipermill in Las Vegas, in violet! The same thing happens to me I usually end picking the not very tasting snack and stealing from Dani XD sometimes even trying to convince him that I originally intended to choose his, hahaha.

  6. lol, ahh I'm super glad I'm not alone. I swear I'm not trying to pick the least tasty option! lol


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