Friday, October 25, 2013

Legoland - Malaysia

After Hello Kitty Town we asked the info desk about a bus to legoland they gave us a timetable (still no watch) and we made our way to the bus area. The majority of Malaysians we met were ridiculously helpful, their generosity being completely genuine as well.  The taxi guys waiting near us actually motioned for a bus a stop and everyone waited for us to get on, turns out it was the wrong bus but we were clueless so any help was great.  Now the taxi guys could of benefited from that situation, you know offering there services but they didn't and we hoped on the next bus :)

Now legoland, costs 140 RM about 50 Australian dollars, again I'm not sure if it's completely worth that but will probably depend on how much you like Lego. Ben and I like Lego but our overall impression of the park was that it was aimed at young kids. We decided we probably would of had more fun at Universal Studios in Singapore but I still really enjoyed legoland :)

My favourite part was probably all the little details, like these kids gate jumping at the entrance and that toilet sign made me giggle

We went on a bunch of rides including, this one above called Dino Island which lives in the Land of Adventure (the park is made up of 6 areas).  We ended up going on this ride twice.  We were insanely lucky there were no cues - I'm not sure how that happened, since it was a Sunday, the first weekend of school holidays in Singapore and for the first time on our trip, the weather was sunny! Anyway totally no complaints, I think I would of enjoyed legoland a whole lot less if I had to cue up! Dino Island btw is Legoland's version of splash mountain and luckily for me a whole lot less scary! 

This is in the Lego Kingdom section and is the entrance for the Dragon Ride :) 

The fire hydrants above were part of the Lego rescue academy were you control your own fire engine and have to put out a fire, Ben and I, well mostly Ben came first place! woohoo take that small children!

These little guys are in a ride where you get to shoot stuff with a laser gun, It's fun and dark and Ben totally whooped my butt. I thought I was doing really good too until we compared scores at the end :(

Lots of photo opportunities :)

Maybe one of my favourite features, the toilets!

More shooting fun!


Seeing all the little brick details still makes me happy

and I definitely had to take a picture of this guy, the spitting image of me and my way too many cameras :p

We geeked out, it was fun :)

The flags! Possibly one of my favourite Lego pieces, actually I liked all the Lego in the kingdom area probably because our neighbours had the castle set when I was little and I was jealous!

I like how he seems a little scared of me, I probably approached way too enthusiastically but then in the second photo he did the peace sign with me! Well I think that's what he is doing :)

Dino Island again! You get seriously splashed on this ride, probably the most I've ever been wet on a ride. The first time was good because my underwear didn't get soaked through and since it was super hot, the dunk was appreciated, but the second time, soggy undies, so not cool. They have these body dryers and when we first saw people using them I scoffed but the second time I suggested they might not be such a bad idea. Well turns out they cost a pretty penny, bad idea, lol.

We ran over to see what she was painting - night scene - way to cheat legoland!

This is mini-land which, when, I read the reviews online, everyone seemed to rave about. It was cool but I kept thinking they picked quite boring scenes to spend thousands of hours on, for example, airport runways, boat docks, I dunno! I'm hard to impress I guess :p

 The train was one of the few things we didn't go on just because there was a line! How dare people :P

The dragon!

More mini-ness


I had planned us to be there till closing, I was really worried we may have bitten off more than we could chew doing hello kitty and legoland in one day but we seriously had all but finished by 5pm. I think if we actually had to line up for any ride that would of eaten into the time but if you're lucky like us and without kids you can easily zip through the majority of attractions in a few hours.


  1. The toilet sign is super cute! I'm not a huge fan of lego so not sure that I'd visit legoland. Looks cool though.

  2. Yeah I'd say unless you had kids or were a lego fan, this isn't the park for you :P

  3. Love legoland!! :)
    Lots of the same things here by the looks as the one in Denmark, I was wondering if it was going to be different. I have pretty much that exact photo of the shark head with me in it lol :D we missed out on the rides though cause they were shut down for the winter. Totally doing the one in Orlando when we go! :)
    Looks like you guys had a huge fun day!! :)
    Toilet sign is awesome hehe I want one for home :)
    Xxx happy weekend pretty!

  4. I was wondering if the parks varied. They shut the rides in winter? I wonder if that is because of ice and danger! Wow. The rides in Malaysia were definitely tame but that suited me fine, lol Be awesome to see the difference with the Orlando park and to get to go on the rides :) Happy weekend too!!!

  5. That toilet sign is hilarious. I would have bust a gut seeing that.

  6. It was the first thing I saw as we went in and I was like "yup I'm going to love legoland!"

  7. Lol, the scared legoman made me laugh xD Lego was part of my childhoood. Hello kitty town + legoland in one day plan sounds so fun! ;) Ah, and I love the Canon guy, it's like subliminal advertising but a hilarious one!

  8. LOL! Yeah I think packing them into one day, is ideal well ideal for us. I tend to get bored easily :P

    Great canon advertising hey!


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