Friday, October 11, 2013

Mangosteen - Mosaic Playgrounds of Singapore

Right next to the Watermelon Playground is a pair of Mangosteens! Before coming to Singapore actually before embarking on my playgrounds hunt, I'd never even heard of a Mangosteen - apparently a sweet yet slightly sour fruit, I'd love to try one :)

Anyway back to the Mosaic Mangosteens, being the second playground we explored, I didn't think twice about their being graffiti inside the pair of fruits - graffiti especially around parks in Australia is not an uncommon thing! Turns out, it is for Singapore as it was the only playground that had any graffiti. I appreciated that it was all inside the fruit too :) Keeping it classy Singapore!

Totally geeking out, whilst Ben read all the graff inside :P

There use to be a swing in between the pair of fruits but that got removed. When did swings become unsafe? Okay they're probably unsafe but I feel everywhere else overlooks that fact and hey the Watermelon Playground had a swing! Outraged! He he

Okay not so outraged :)


  1. mangosteens are delicious. they're unfortunately not in season anymore.... try them one day :)

  2. Ahhh I will have too! My friend is crazy for exotic fruits and cursed me that I didn't eat any fruit when I was in Singapore/Malaysia...ooops!

  3. Great colorful sunglasses! I enjoy so much this series of the playgrounds, the pictures are wonderful! they will keep me smiling for the day.

    Secretly hoping there are more peek a boos in the next ones :)

  4. oh my goodness! so incredibly cool!


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