Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bumboat - Mosaic Playgrounds of Singapore

So I hinted earlier about a bumboat and here it is, in all it's mosaic glory. Okay i'll admit the bumboat was one of my least favourite playgrounds, lacking the cuteness I suppose, but it's a nice reflection of Singapore's past. A bumboat from what I can gather acted like a convienance store on water, travelling along Singapore's river - you can still take a tour on one, today but I digress!

(Still geeking out!)

This particular playground is located at Pasir Ris and is about a km or so from the station :)

The cool thing about this one was it still had it's sand base, a big detail for us playground nerds because when the strict safety laws came in, sandpits were deemed unsafe and replaced with rubber flooring. I also appreciated the cute blue mosaic border around the pit's the small details guys!


  1. how interesting! I have never seen a mosaic playground in my life!

  2. ha, next time I'm in SG I have to keep my eyes open for playgrounds :)

  3. it seems like such a dream this parks <3

  4. Agree that it is maybe the less engaging one, but love the detail of the rubber wheels as boat lifesavers. If we had one like this in Barcelona it will be great enough! :)

  5. lol, yeah I wouldn't argue if we had a playground like this either in Australia :) Poor bumboat I usually stand up for things that get a bad rap - I like that you pointed out the tyres! That is a nice feature :)


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