Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Melaka - Part 2

So basically I took too many photos in Melaka so here's a lot more :)

Probably my favourite photo of the trip is this one above and not just because it's an old guy and a cat but because of the way the photo unfolded. We were walking around in the morning and saw this young-ish guy, trying to take the above photo. Unfortunately the cat kept walking towards him and his camera and not posing with the old man, lol. In the photo above the old guy is trying to get the cat to face us so we could both get a photo. I kind of just intruded upon an improtu photo shoot but everyone involved was so sweet, it was such a fun lovely moment :)

Did you know Melaka is a World heritage listed city? Well it is :)

Love that sleeping trishaw driver :)

There are apparently four off these Mr. Asia/Mr. Universe sculptures around town but we only spotted three of them

Some graff near our hotel :)

I'm standing outside the orangutan house home of artist Charles Cham. I actually bought myself a shirt with that orangutan design which you'll probably see me wearing in the next few posts :)


Ben made friends with this cat just as we were waiting for our taxi to take us to the KL airport. It actually had a big gaping wound and Ben found himself developing a bad cold, the next few days. So kids that's why you don't play with feral cats with gaping wounds! Awww poor cat, Ben's flu could have been picked up from anywhere though.

More Charles Cham artworks

And on that note, it's time to say goodbye and hello to the island of Langkawi our final destination in Malaysia.  Melaka was rad and I'd happily recommend it as a travel destination :)


  1. I think I probably went the most photo mad here, ahh no wait that's a lie I'm always photo mad :P

  2. oh no, you skipped Penang??? I can't believe this :)

    great pics. they bring back a lot of good memories!

  3. Love that little story behind the photo. Poor Ben! Hope he got over the flu alright

  4. such a sweet story behind the first picture :) fantastic photographs as per usual, Fee!

    The Young Bridget Jones

  5. Thanks guys and sorry Petra, our holiday was super short, I think only 8 nights! We definitely need to go back and give Malaysia a proper holiday :)

  6. Oh Fee! So many favorite pictures in this post! Maybe one of the best so far :) Charles cham orangutan design and also the Tang house kitties catch my eye. Hope Ben cold was not too bad, I hate when those happen during holidays.


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