Thursday, October 31, 2013

Berjaya at Langkawi

170 ringgits got us from Melaka to Kuala Lumpur airport via taxi and an hour flight found us at the top of Malaysia on an island known as Langkawi. We stayed a total of two nights in Langkawi and was a lovely way to finish off our holiday :) Langkawi has several different regions to the island, we chose to stay over on the west side of the island at Berjaya - a fancy accomodation offering beautiful white beaches with mountains in the background, yup sounded great to us :)

When we got off the plane at Langkawi airport we had instructions to wait for our driver who would be holding up a sign with our names on it. When we saw a bunch of people outside with signs but none of them for us we felt pretty dishearten and assumed the Singapore experience would be repeated. Instead of feeling lost and abandoned something amazing happened, the other drivers came to our rescue and actually rang our resort to track down our driver.  We didn't even ask, they just saw us looking super lost and totally sad, lol. I feel that experience summed up the people we meet in Malaysia. In Singapore the people were accomodating but in Malaysia they went above and beyond! The twenty minute journey to Berjaya turned out to be fun as we got to spot monkeys along the sway! Pretty exciting for Ben and I anyway :)

When we got to our accommodation we were super excited, beautiful beach front (tick) beautiful backdrop (tick) cute rainforest chalet (tick)

They had a sign in our room saying to keep the doors locked at all times because of monkeys! We secretly wanted some monkey visitors but we were good and kept things nice and secured :)

To be honest all we pretty much did for the rest of the afternoon/day was wander around the joint and eat. I can quite easily say that mocha cream brûlée above was the best brûlée I'd ever eaten :)

Our rainforest chalet really was in the rainforest. The resort is huge so much in fact that you have to call for a shuttle bus to take you down to reception, well we did. If you're rich you can get a chalet over the water, closer to reception :P

Ben outside our chalet! It rained 90% of the time we were here. We had gotten pretty use to the rain by now :p

More eating!

Damn those rich people!

and finishing off the day with a strawberry mojito! Yes please!


  1. I'm glad you had such a good experience with the people. I love Singapore for different reasons than Malaysia. in SG, service is always impeccable but cold and distanced. in Malaysia, it can get messy at times, but people are more direct and honest and just like you and me.

  2. That's a pretty accurate view of the (brief) window we saw. Personally I gravitated more towards Malaysia, if felt similar to what I'm use to in Australia though to be honest with more kindness then I'm accustomed too!

  3. Such a uau place and uau food <3

  4. Sara I had to look up uau, I've come to the conclusion it means wow, now I want to use it everywhere :)

  5. What a ggod choice the chalet in Berjaya, is the perfect ending for the trip! I think I prefer yours in the rainforest more than the fancy ones in the water! Get that rich people, XD I peek your orangutan t-shirt right? :) and strawberry mojitos in that amazing environment! Can't get better ;)

  6. lol, love it! That's totally the Orangtutan shirt, I'm one of those people who likes to wear stuff straight away and plus I didn't pack enough clothes :P


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