Monday, October 7, 2013

Singapore Zoo - Breakfast with the Orangutans

On our second day in Singapore we headed to the zoo, I'd heard amazing things about the Singapore Zoo and they all came true :) I still have a conscious uneasiness when I think about zoos but I do feel the animals had a lot of love at this Zoo and on a completely selfish human level it's so amazing to see these animals up close. So a big thanks to all the animals who let us come and visit :)

We rocked up at the zoo on opening time, which was great, no people! I'd bought tickets online but since there were no queues it didn't really matter :p We took a taxi to the zoo, as there isnt a train station nearby and I was too lazy to look up buses. Taxi's are fairly reasonable, for around a 20 minute trip it cost us $22.

When we first arrived Ben and I raced around taking it all in before making our way to go have breakfast with the Orangutans (does anyone else want to spell Orangutan, with a g on the end? I'm pretty sure I say it with a g :p) Anyway, in my humble opinion...don't do the breakfast unless you like people and or buffets :p

You need to pre-book your jungle breakfast tickets and they will set you back $29 per adult. I really wish Ben and I had just spent this first hour exploring the zoo. There was nothing really wrong with the experience, I got to hold a snake, cool! We got to stand in front of the orangutans and have our picture taken, cool - we got to eat as much food as we wanted, cool but yeah you have to share this experience with a lot of people and since you can see the orangutans around the zoo anyway, I'd say eat your breakfast before you arrive :)

Before the Orangutans arrive they do offer you the chance to feed the elephants close by which really was a whole lot of fun. If you ever get the chance to go bring some $5 notes with you so you can partake! I don't believe you need to do the jungle breakfast to join as it's in a separate area :)

So after the elephants we went back to the restaurant area, tried to eat as much from the buffet as we could, it felt kind of rushed to me, but maybe we rocked up late *shrugs* and then the orangutans came out! We then lined up for a picture (don't line up, just wait till all the other idiots have lined up and then go get your picture!) They have a professional take your picture which you can buy but they'll also grab your camera and take a shot for you, which is nice. Unfortunately our shoot is of me saying to the camera guy "no need to zoom" and waving my arms in the air so it wasn't really a keeper, lol

After our picture I went to snap a picture of the other orangutans and I just had the chance to focus when one of the staff me members told us it was a non standing area. It felt a bit abrupt and not the fun experience I had anticipated. Though the orangutans were mighty cute, so maybe all can be forgiven!

After the breakfast it was onto exploring the rest of the zoo! I'm going to post my non animals photos and then do a super heavy image post with them, it's the zoo it's okay to go photo mad :)

I loved all the cute bins around the place :)

You can take the shuttle bus for a cost, even with my not-perfect ankle I was still super happy just to walk around :)

We watched one of the shows and when I say watched I mean we say down in an amphitheatre to rest and a show happened to be starting :p Good timing! This one was called 'Rainforest fights back' and was great if you want to sit down and rest :p lol

They have a bunch of animals come out and do minimal stunts, it was a nice way to escape the heat for 20 minutes, if nothing else :) Gosh I sound so hard to please but I'm really not, all the animals were beyond amazing :)

The have a Kampung(village) House, which is filled with things like giant cockroaches :p I do question whether a return to old times means an increase in bug size :p

Bumboats! I know all about these from another activity we did in Singapore which unfortunately didn't involved going on one but was still super awesome (stay tuned!)

Ahh Orangutans you sure are lovely creatures :)

P.S. I remember back in primary school my friend Alex going to Singapore zoo and the Orangutan literally had breakfast with you at a table, well, I think that's what happened.  Personally I would of been super okay to share my breakfast with these guys :)


  1. yeah, wouldn't it be cool to have it with them :) lovely pics!!

  2. Yeah and I have a feeling the Orangutans wouldn't mind sharing either :)

  3. Thank-you!
    It was fun juggling three different cameras at once and reminding myself, take more film :)

  4. The "no need to zoom!" moment made me laugh, sure the pro guy took a funny shot ;) I'm wondering about the super-awesome activity involving bumboats, now I'm hyped! :)

  5. I did question his photography skills but than I just felt mean :P

    Maybe don't get too hyped!! lol lol


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