Sunday, October 6, 2013

Din Tai Fung - Marina Bay Sands

Just a quick post to tell a recommendation if you do find yourself in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands and hungry but not overly rich :p Din Tai Fung! I believe it's a chain restaurant all around the World but no matter because our dinner was tasty! Service was also great, we didn't realise we had to fill out the order list for the waiter, anyway as we go to hand it to him he delivers us our salad that we had ticked off to order. Ben and I were a bit confused - Ben asked how he knew we had even ordered that and he said he spied it whilst we were filling in our form, woah, service!
Apparently famous for their dumplings but Ben and I couldn't resist a good steamed bun, I got the chilli crab and Ben got pork, 
mine was better :p

The mystery salad, super yummo btw!

My dinner, a roselle drink and pickled mustard and pork noodles (had a hard time finishing them and not because they weren't delish!)

I think Ben got the beef brisket, it was very flavoursome, he also had trouble finishing!

Outside the shop you can watch them make their famous dumplings, I feel a little silly for not trying them now.  I'm sure they would have gone done a treat, maybe a chain will open in Brisbane!


  1. goodness, this looks so delicious...

  2. looks yummy :)

  3. Don't feel silly, I couldn't have resisted to these yummy steamed buns instead of dumplings! Thanks for the recommendation and the mouth-watering pics! :)

  4. There might be on in Barcelona Dani!!

  5. YUM! That's one branch in Sydney too at World Square. Delicious stuff.


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