Monday, November 18, 2013


It's time to play catch up and post some fun things that have been happening post Singapore.

First up is a trip we took to inskip which is located a few hours north of where we live. There are a bunch of pretty spots along the frasier coastline but most are limited to owning a 4wd, luckily there is one area known as inskip which is 2wd vehicle friendly so that's where we decided to go, one day :)

The town nearby is rainbow beach so a lot of photos are from there as well :)

 I made sure to use some film too! I actually want to do a camera guide because I've got quite the random collection :)

I thought this cloud looked like a Phoenix by the way that's one of Ben's nicknames for me but he spells it feenix :p I'm counting down the days till he is home again!

Lowie above drinking a beer and eating a paw paw :)

 I feel so lucky to live where I do and close to somewhere so beautiful


  1. you are lucky to live so close to something so beautiful!!! fantastic pics :) xoxo

  2. What great relaxing pictures! So nice to see sunny beach pictures in this gloomy day Monday we have here in Barcelona. How fun is the one of you with the giant blade! a favorite :) I would love to see your camera collection! Which cameras did you use for the analogue pics in the post?

  3. Wow beautiful beach! the sand is so white, looks like paradise

  4. :)

    Damaris I'm pretty sure I used mainly my sunny juice toy camera (if you type it into ebay you can get them pretty cheap and it's a fav camera of mine!) I also shot with 100 colour lomo film. Some of the film shots I edited to be black and white, so maybe not true representations!

  5. You are truly happy to live in a place like this :D

  6. wow, you live close to this beach??? amazing! wish i could jump in the water and do summersaults on the sand!

  7. mmm, not so so close...a three hour drive, close for Australia though :)

  8. I love the b&w shots...especially number 10
    looks like an amazing time

    1. I liked the addition of the dog in that shot, I think he made it personally :)


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