Friday, November 8, 2013

My trip Goodies!

Time to show you guys all my goodies!
Okay first up that cute cat origami necklace I picked up at the little drom store! hello kitty candy tin and a little bunny chime :)

My tuxedo Sam ruler from Hello Kitty Town!

Does anyone else keep bags like a crazy person? Lol
Over on the left My Melody badge and a (?!?something) animal keyring from the zoo. 

To be honest the zoo lacked the cute merchandise I was hoping for :(

Hello Kitty bandaids because, well why not? :p

Imitation Marie key ring from Melaka and another hello kitty tin :)

Frozen flowers from Gardens by the Bay. 

Actually there was a bit of controversy on whether or not I'd get this through customs but it all worked out in the end. I've had bad airport experiences in the past so I'm always a little on edge when I go through customs - it didn't help that Ben and I got separated at the Goldcoast airport. The man who examined my frozen flowers in customs told me they were beautiful :) I thought that was cute as custom peeps are normally super serious as they riffle through your luggage. I then inquired where Ben might have gone and he must have sense I was super worried and serious and told me they'd taken him out the back to execute him. I then smiled and he pointed me in the direction of the way out and told me to "go get reunited with your love".  Needless to say I had a big smile on my face as I left the airport AND I got to keep my flowers :)

My sweet new pink watch from the little drom store - finally, on the last day of our trip, one of us finally knew what time it was :p 

Also my cherished dove playground brooch and a cute keroppi tin! 

And last but not least a mega cute/tacky/totally fee style jewelry box I also got from hello kitty town! 

It was a good score for me :)


  1. oh ah! goodies!
    the keyring and the frozen flowers are amazing...

  2. Awww that necklace form hug a porkpine <3

  3. Everything is so cute!! Frozen flowers?! Amazing! They're beautiful!

  4. Ooooooh! How I wish I'd be able to make an exact copy of your haul, hahahaha. Love everything here. The bunny chime has a very contagious smile. Thank god I'm not the only crazy bag lady XD I keep all the "souvenir" bags inside our suitcase and have to take all of them out every time we go on a trip (with the consequent "I can't believe it" stare of Dani)

  5. A Casio!!! My red one just passed away this week, but It doesn't say CASIO on it, so I guess that it was a fake and that explains everything...

  6. I definitely kept all the "fun" bags from our Japan loot. Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, Evangelion store, Square Enix...

    And Hug a Porcupine is officially on my Xmas wish list. Kawaii!

  7. glad to know there are other crazy bag ladies out there :P

    Dani, I googled my watch when I got home to set the time back to Australian time and the first thing that came up was the style was worn by Osama Bin Laden. I don't think he would of choose the pink with the special changing lights button though :P

  8. How lovely! I especially like the origami cat necklace and those frozen flowers. How awesome they went through the customs check OK...I might have to pick one up for myself next time I visit the Gardens.

  9. I thought the flowers were a sweet reminder of the gardens, I tried to buy things I loved but were also small!

  10. love all of this in a serious way. that necklace is so cute!

  11. everything looks so so cute!! loving those hello kity tins!

  12. loving everything! especially cats, BIG LOVE. so glad that this cute flowers in the bottle got through customs.

    you've got a great taste.

    The Young Bridget Jones


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