Saturday, December 14, 2013

Canon 1000f - lomography 800 film

The last time I used the lomography 800 film it was largely indoors, so it was interesting to test out the film purely outdoors. I finished the roll at the wedding and was overall happy with the results.

25 keeps 11 fails

Fail Reasons: cats that move too fast

Things to remember: cats are hard to photograph :p
In all seriousness though I enjoyed how the Lomo 800 performed more with the inside shots than the outside ones. Having been using Ektar 100 film since I first got into film photography, I would say (and since it's designed for landscapes) it definitely performs so much better for outdoor scenes and I would definitely go for a film like that instead of 800 Lomo. 

To be honest who would shoot 800 lomography outside on a sunny day for landscape shots, no one except me that's who!  In my defense the 800 was in my camera and I had to use it up before I could change rolls. I was honestly expecting (and had packed) to shoot a gazillion rolls of film at the wedding but ended up coming home with just three!  One other thing I can laugh at myself for I tried to used the 800 film in my camera up the day before the wedding knowing that I didn't want to start the day which such high speed film.  I actually thought it was nearly finished too but the 1000F camera, winds on the film backwards and thus the counter clock which I thought was nearly finished had only just begun - classic fee! lol lol


  1. cats! <3

    i agree, so hard to photograph! couldn't keep still!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  2. and they tend to like to come at the camera because they think it's interesting "no no stay where you were!!" lol

  3. lovely beautiful felines there :D
    keep on the good work with your reviews!
    p.s come to Portugal,cats are lazy and you can take a lot of pictures <3


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