Friday, December 6, 2013

Canon EOS 3 - Fuji Superia 200 - Expired Film

I mentioned when I was in Singapore I visited the lomography store and picked up some expired film. I was really excited for this film, I'd read about expired film giving cool colours and unexpected results. Well I definitely got an unexpected result, unfortunately leaning more towards the boring side :P

I also decided then and there (after receiving my roll back) I could see a big difference in the quality of Kodak and even in Lomography films when compared to Fuji. Now that might be a complete and unreasonable call as I've only tried this expired Fuji film.  I've since bought some 800 Fuji film so I should probably reserve judgement until I've tested a few more rolls of non expired film :p

17 keeps 7 fails (rolls of 24 exposures)

Fail reasons: Focus issues, lens hood corner smudges.

Things to remember: To give the film credit, focus issues and lens hood smudges are really not its fault but I just found there weren't many stand out shots.  I used the roll up pretty quickly and in my mind was relying on crazy colour casts to save the day though perhaps I should of been more concerned with capturing awesome images!   I don't think I'd buy this film again, though I do want to give Fuji films more tries before ruling them out forever :P  I believe Superior is Fuji's consumer (read: cheapo film) but they also have Reala and Fujicolour Pro, lots of slide film (which I'm yet to try!) and some b&w film choices.

I think the main reason there was a lot keepers in this roll was that I had discovered the number one secret of colour film overexpose!  I personally like overexposed images so maybe this tip isn't valid for everyone's style but I definitely love my photos more since overexposing them :)


  1. When I first started using film cameras, I shot with Fuji a lot because it was always available in my local camera shop but now trying different kind of films, I definitely preferred Kodak.

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  2. I too started out with Fuji for that exact reason and then moved onto Kodak Ektar 100 and now I'm started to be more experimental which is fun :)

  3. well,i must say i prefer Fuji,but my love in film rolls is Agfa <3

    for me they are the best!
    Lately i have been using a lot of expired sensias 200 asa because they are 2 euros each,which is very cheap and i had some nice results,but the film is expired only since January,and i think it is still pretty ok :)
    p.s: i love over exposure

  4. and i love the pictures you show here,the blues are very pretty <3

  5. Agfa, okay another brand to check out; 2 euros is definitely nice :)

    I definitely haven't given up n Fuji yet!


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