Thursday, December 5, 2013

Canon EOS 3 - Lomography 100

So today I'm profiling Lomography 100 colour film using my Canon EOS 3.  100 ASA/ISO film just refers to the speed of the film - commonly known as the ISO on digital cameras.  100 is a super slow film, not very sensitive to light and therefore needs a lot of light, you can get light in a couple of other ways, through the speed of the shutter, the thing that makes the noise on your camera when you take a photo, or through widening your aperture (usually on more expenses lenses). So why use a slow film and not just a super fast one that will work in low light situations? Well 100 will give you super fine grain :) If you're planning on using your camera on a sunny day I'd always go for a low speed film!

Lomography is all about their plastic fantastic cameras but they also produce there own series of film. I'll say straight off the bat that I think for the price their film is very reasonable and I'm currently stocked up on a variety of their films! They're also a Worldwide company so having a website specifically for Australia is a great plus for me as shipping is very reasonable :)

16 keeps 20 fails (wowsers!)

Fail Reasons: Not in Focus / Bad Cropping (on my behalf) / Boring Shots

Things to remember: Quite similiar to the portra 160 as in I was making the same mistakes; using autofocus on the EOS 3 (it's very hit and miss - use manual focus!) taking boring shots in the hope that the awesome film colours would save them (rookie error) and just general bad cropping. I found that this film is less reliable than portra 160 but that I needed to step up my game and think more about each frame before pressing the shutter button, something that film definitely teaches you to do! 

So my verdict for these slow films is that I'd choose Portra over Lomography if money wasn't an issue but film photography can get quite pricey, especially factoring in developing, so for everyday shots I'm quite happy to stick with my lomography film :)


  1. cool pics. I'm kind of torn on film. when I was much younger, ha, doing photography was nearly impossible for me because it was just too expensive. so I'm still loving digital... one day, though, I'll go down that road again!

  2. film definitely adds up unfortunately :( There is so much to love about digital, I don't think I'd ever give it up!

  3. Thanks Sara, hopefully it can help someone, I'm still learning lots too though!!

  4. I usually shot with my lc-a+ using this 100 iso lomography film. As you said one of the main reasons is that is a good value for the price. And we have a cute lomography shop here in Barcelona so each time we are near there I end up leaving with some film ;) These reviews series are great, so happy I am learning about new types of film!

  5. You have a lc-a+!!! :) I remember some film photos popping up on your Japan trip posts!

    I really appreciate the lomography store, I wish there was one in Brisbane to physically go to but lucky the online shipping is okay :)

    I need to learn a whole lot more too!


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