Monday, December 16, 2013

Holga 135bc - Lomography 400 Film

Okay so we saw how the holga reacts with 100 film how about a slightly faster 400 film! Admittedly my not-so-favourite film speed but since toy cameras are so unpredictable anyway film speeds are the least of my concerns :P

Well I can say I tried to get too experimental here and bitterly failed!

 These above were one of few that made the good cut *gasp*

12 keeps 24 fails

Fails reasons: I tried to attempt a photo where you take a shot of a scene with you in it, you exit the scene and the same photo gets taken which should leave a cool looking ghost like appearance of yourself. These just didn't work. Either Ben has the most shakey hands ever or you really need to use a tripod when attempting something like that! even a shutter release cable would be great so your avoiding actually touching the camera and causing it to move! Other fail reasons included; taking food photography at night (with the flash) and being too close or not close enough :p cropped heads again, any sort of close up and finally ugly exposures :p

Things to remember: double exposures are hard, practise makes perfect! The camera just doesn't do close ups and the flash doesn't handle distance at night. To be fair the flash I have, probably isn't the most powerful thing (read: cheap) but I still think 1-2 metres would be wise for the future flash projects!


  1. haha. having film camera is great, that way we learn more :) loving your purple holga!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  2. I'm definitely learning a lot!


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