Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sunny juice Box Camera - Ektar 100 Film

Okay onto my second favourite toy camera my juice box! I love this camera, it has huge flaws in its design though, the shutter release button is actually the straw that you have to turn to release and then press down on - it's super flimsy and I never know if I'm going to break it or if I've turned it the right way :p  I can totally forgive that though because it looks like a juice box!!! Anyway else with me here?  It also produces really cool saturated pics seemingly regardless of film choice.

I also feel super stealthy whilst taking photos too like people are thinking I'm just having a sip on my popper :p

Now I have no idea about stats on this film roll as I wasn't as diligent back in the day with keeping track of performance and areas of improvements, I'm a bit OCD about it now just because I don't want to keep making the same mistakes :p. 

The top left photo is of me with the camera (thanks Ben) I actually still had dreadlocks then so you can tell it was a while ago! The top right photo is what I was taking photos of that day - Ben and the beach :) From memory that light streak is because I accidentally opened the back one day thinking there was no film in it, I love light streaks so I wish I could accidentally do that every time without totally wiping my film! The bottom right photo although awesome does have my big dirty finger smudge in the corner, another problem with this camera, because it's small the way I hold it causes my fingers to sit dangerously close to the shutter opening and because it doesn't have a protruding lens you often don't know you're doing it!

So I guess the things to remember are, don't break the straw, make sure your fingers are out of the way and like it says on it's box use on a sunny day! I think this last point will go for the majority of toy cameras, because you lack control over the exposure settings, in this case you can only control the film speed and thus you really need to shoot on sunny days to make sure your photos come out properly exposed! The sad thing about this camera is you can't do double exposures - once you press the shutter if won't let you press it again until you've advanced the film lever to the next frame...poop!

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