Saturday, December 21, 2013

OM1 - Kodak 400 Film

Wow I dug these photos out of the graveyard and to be honest I can't even remember shooting with kodak 400 - I'm happy I found out there was more film available than what you could buy at the supermarket -not that kodak 400 is horrid, just because I like to play :)

OM1 - kodak 400 film examples

I think this was when I was still scanning the prints too and not the digital file.  It's fun anyway when you have a hobby to see your beginnings :)


  1. love the cactai!
    or how do you say it again in plural?! :) happy weekend.

  2. i love them all so much...i never tried to scan prints byt somehow they seem more 'real'(maybe i'm not making sense here ahaha)

    the colors are amazing and OM1 is a great camera :D

  3. I think with prints and film and scanning it's all so crazy because technology will translate the colours differently, so who knows what the real shot should actually be! I think scanning the prints may seem more real because the equipment they use to produce the prints is correctly colour corrected?!? Maybe

    I might just be confusing myself here :P

    Cactus! woohoo, is it cacti? I'm not sure but I'll accept any variation on the word :)


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