Saturday, December 21, 2013

OM1 - Ektar 100

I get to show you where my love of film photography really began :) I won't go into the whole story as you can read it over here but essentially it involved being given my Grandma's Olympus OM1 after she passed away about ten years ago, being really inspired and then letting the camera sit in a box until 2011. I actually thought the camera was broken from years of neglect and perhaps that's where my film photography story would have stopped but my brother was the one that got me to develop that "one more roll" and I've been taking film photos ever since.

My Dad like his Mum (it's was her OM1) is also into photography and has really taught me a lot - he was also the one who suggested I try the kodak Ektar 100 and for pretty much a year I used that solely. I have a lot of fond memories of the OM1/Ektar combo and I'd happily recommend it to anyone :) Unfortunately in August last year I slipped on ice in Tasmania, dropped the camera and afterwards it no longer metered. A simple fix would just be to get an external light metre which I plan to do anyway, so no biggie, it shall live once more :) I thought I'd share some of my photos I took! I have hundreds but I've tried to condense them down into a snap shot for you guys!

OM1 with Ektar 100 Film Examples

The Ektar film is great because it's a high quality film without the excessive price tag of kodak Portra. I get a big bundle of it from eBay and it turns out to be under ten dollars for a roll which is nice :)


  1. i really enjoy your photos and your blog. i'm new here and i look forward to your posts!


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