Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pink Dress - Kodak 400

I get to reminiscence with you guys back to the glory days of the Pink Superheadz which I affectionately referred to as the Pink Dress camera (actually it had those exact words printed on it :p)

I used Kodak 400 back in the day to because that's what my local shopping centre stocked :)

I also used to scan in the actual prints before I realised my printer could actually scan film - that was a fun discovery! I've come a long way :p Looking back at these photos makes me happy and I guess that's why I love photography it can capture feelings and emotions and it's fun to get to relive them. I remember being so excited about my pink dress camera, so excited of the possibilities ahead. I still feel that way I still feel like I have so much to learn and discover and that's exciting!


  1. such a cute looking camera! And I love the hippies for sale photo!

  2. I drove past that sign way too many times on my way to work. One day I just decided to pull over and take the photo :) I've never regretted that decisions :P

  3. more photos more photos!
    i will never get enough of pictures <3

  4. yay! me either :) What a fun artistic medium!


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