Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ultra Wide and Slim - lomography 100 film

Onto my favourite toy camera, the superheadz Ultra Wide and Slim :) I love this camera because it's sturdy, comes in amazing colours, is affordable and provides great saturated colours. I got my first one of these cameras on my 2011 trip to Japan I picked out the pink colour and used it excessively before tragically losing it to gosh knows where - I secretly hope someone found it, developed the pictures and is out there on facebook searching for it's owner :P  Anyway after that loss I wanted to experiment with different toy cameras so I got my Holga 135bc and my juice box but I still missed my superheadz so I eventually bought another one in gold :) The gold is shiney and really gold (awesome) but the pink was almost rubbery and I maybe even liked it better (although that may just be nostalgia talking)

The nice thing about this camera (as its name suggests) it's ultra wide meaning its lens captures a wider view than my other toy cameras with a focal length of 22mm (getting close to fish eyed wide!) without suffering any of the distortion

Like the juice box camera you have no control over the settings apart from your film choice which also means you can't do double exposures either but for what it is, it's awesome :)

11 keeps 27 fails
Fail reasons: close up shots, shooting into the light, indoors
Things to remember: you think I would had learnt all the fail reasons by now, but I'm not really posting the film in a chronological order (my excuse anyway!) 

Okay so the things I have to remember are; don't do close ups, don't shoot into the sun - toy camera don't make sun flares attractive (not from my experience anyway) they also need lots of light so don't even think about shooting indoors...okay got it! Next time I'll treat you better Ultra Wide and we'll have more success together :)

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