Friday, September 26, 2014

Customer Batboy Print

A customer sent me in this photo of her batboy print up in her son's Nursey :)

It's lovely to see where my prints end up and I'm super fortunate to have such sweet (and design savy!) customers - thanks Idit :)

Bat Boy Poster Available here.

and you can find Idit on instagram @iditteperman


  1. Batboy is looking great in this pretty nursery! I also love the pillow inside the crib with the large smile. I need to send you a picture of our batboy and catgirl framed in our bedroom (!!), they have been sleeping with us (hope it doesn't sound creepy :P) for a week or so, and I like to believe they got healing powers to cure me from this stubborn cold I have.

    1. :) Oh yay - I hope you're feeling on the mend, you never appreciate feeling well until you're feeling ill!!
      Definitely not creepy at all :)

  2. Love this! What a great print! xx

  3. This rooms looks so cute and the picture fits perfectly. Some great ideas here. :)
    Juli Xx

  4. The print looks right at home there!! What a great little nursery


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