Thursday, September 24, 2015

Polaroid Challange 2015 /9

Okay this was an awesome month because whilst at cash converters (an Aussie pawn shop) I bought an instax mini 8 for $35 bucks :) I was umming and ahhing if I really needed it (definitely didn't need it) but the pink colour managed to push my decision making into a very happy - YES! I am still waiting for film to arrive and a few other fun bits and bobs but in the meantime here is a polaroid photo of my new baby!

I like the iguana skin this month, although I'm sure there is a photo out there better suited to the boarder :p Next month I'll hopefully have an instax and a Polaroid to get to share with you guys!! Weeeeee!

Things I learned this month:
* I aimed to have the instax centred, so I can say if you have a polaroid 636 (and I imagine for a lot of other Polaroids out there) the view finder isn't matched to the shutter! That was a pretty - duh moment for me, picking up my camera now and seeing how obvious this is :p  In the future I'll try to make sure I compose my image slightly to the left!

This post is part of the Polaroid Challenge 2015, you can see my past photos here and read more about getting involved here by the lovely peeps at The Cat you and Us


  1. Replies
    1. I was pretty stoked, still haven't loaded it up so it may not work - but I feel optimistic :)

  2. lol, cute... how many do you have by now?

    1. oh yikes, I think I have 4 polaroid cameras and this is my first instax and too many other cameras to name :P


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