Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 year in review

This year has been epic, does anyone else share that sentiment? I clearly remember at the end of 2014 being so pumped for 2015, I must say I don't have that exact same excitement for 2016 maybe because it's crept up too fast, or at least feels like it has.  My favourite intuitive lady, Elizabeth Peru has said 2016 will be a bit more slower than 2015 which I guess is a good and bad thing - there are going to be 4 Mercury retrogrades in 2016 which people either love or hate, I'm learning to love them because they do push you into action but yup, enough weirdo rambling for me, onto the year that was!

The start of the year, well the end of 2014 saw us settle into our new place and have 2 house guests, my friend Emaya and my little bro Jake which was a nice way to begin the transition into 2015 :)

2015 was also the year I got to play along with two blogging buddies, I tried but sometimes failed Jane's monthly colour project challenge and I did my best to take a polaroid a month, alongside the Cat you and Us peeps - I also bought myself an instax (a fav 2015 purchase!)

I tried my best with snail mail - I know the end of the year saw me slack off greatly - sorry mail buddies, I'm going to try and step up my game in 2016!

I did manage to complete some fun projects including setting up Haiku Happy You and a portfolio home for my Photo Projects. I was also asked by The National Library of Australia if they could archive my Big Things site - yes please! Oh and I set up a facebook page for it too - if anyone wants to join!

I also got to proudly show-off/blog goodies I got in 2015

here, here , here , here and here - wowzers

(that little mermaid cross stitch Damaris made for me above still leaves me speechless!!!)

I also attempted a DIY myself...
Sadly, it's since been dismantled - after a good 8 months of Gremlin doing everything in his power to avoid the bed I knew it was time to make the call :P

Ben and I got to celebrate our five year anniversary at the Gold Coast in Feb and we sought our some pet friendly accommodation so Gremlin could come along too :)

I also made sure to get in a few rolls of film this year! 
Some fun cross processing and I put together a tutorial for scanning film here!

Of course there was lots of nature - the best!

and more seaglass added to the collection

Ben and I also filled our year with some visits to Brisbane and GOMA

and in April, Zadie came to stay with me and I turned 31 at the end of the month :)
2015 also saw me continue on with my vegan aspirations, no diary or meat for the year has been a lot easier than I thought and I definitely think my cooking has improved in the process. I'm going to blog, in the very near future, a revised list of my favourite recipes of late for those interested :) I also put together a Kombucha guide - my favourite drink ever!

May was all about Melbourne, when I got to go down and spend time with the awesome Emaya - who is visiting real soon again! (can't wait!)

I also made sure to fit in some art and painting into 2015
It may not seem like it but I also tried to take more selfies or get other people to take more photos of me for the blog - maybe you need to see my instagram account for some proof - I think I'm getting better at it :)

Oh and I went blonde - DIY style!! (with pink tips!)

I also got really into ceramics for a bit there - I blame Ben and his ceramics course for that :)

I got to meet Peaches

And I got to end it all with a holiday to Fraser with the family

I honestly can say, I spent 2015 doing what I love, being creative, having lots of time alone (I'm such a recluse at heart!) not working much, getting to travel, being obsessed by Serial, not having much money but being happy.  I think that's what I really wanted for 2015 and what I got!

I am excited for 2016,
I found out this year, two of my favourite people are having babies next year - woohoo, so I think it will be a year of big changes of continuing on my journey, of staying open-minded, trusting my intuition (dare I saw continuing on my hippy path) being creative and pursuing goals as they pop into my head :) Oh and have I mentioned Ben and I are going to Japan in March, yeah there's that too - weeeee!

What have you guys got in stall, are you excited? Are you as pumped as you were last year heading into the New Year?? I want to know!

Finally, thank-you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog, for leaving comments for being just all round awesome peeps.  I love my blog, I love blogging and reading other people's blogs - such a fun thing for me and I'm so lucky I get to do it :)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Sara!! Happy new year to you too!

  2. Love the blonde hair with pink tips & The Little Mermaid cross stitch!

    Happy New Year x

    1. I wish I wasn't so lazy and could upkeep those pink tips better!

  3. I'm so grateful to have been able to experience all of your year alongside with you through this blog, I'm thankful for you sweet friendship and I can't wait to hang (virtually, for now) with you during this 2016. Wish you the absolute best for this slow year my dearest Fee! Oooh and Japan, a year with Japan in your plans has to be a really good one ;)

    1. Virtually will do for now, I'm sure the Universe will conspire to let us meet eventually in person :) :) :) A year with Japan in it, is definitely a good year!! he he he

  4. Happy New Year!!! To you, Ben and Gremlin. And Peaches ;)

    Your year was amazing, I have extremely enjoyed following along and you remain one of my favourite blog friends <3

    Katrina Sophia

    1. Aww right back at you!!! It's been really fun and inspiring to follow your blog :) :)

  5. It most certainly has been a fantastic year for you. Loved following along to all your adventures and loved looking back on them with you! Here's to more magic in 2016!

    1. yay to magic! and yay for being blog buddies, your blog is filled with such nice moments and it always inspires me to try and do the same :)


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