Monday, February 8, 2016

Dubse Solo Show

Way back, last year (do we still remember 2015?) Ben and I went down to Brisbane to support his homie, Dubse who was having a solo exhibition.  Dubse is 1/4 of the SFP crew which Ben is also a part of and together with Phil and Shiroi combine to make a cute foursome :)

I'm excited to get back into blogging and share some photos that have been sitting on my hard drive for way too long!


  1. What an exhibition! Love the intriguing rhino on the wall and the attention to details.

  2. It must be so rewarding to have an exhibition of your work :) And I'm suuuper excited to see the pictures sitting on your hd right now!!!

    1. Ben is working up to have his own this year, I personally think they take way too much work - so many paintings to paint, so I'm impressed by those that take on that challenge for sure :)


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