Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Japan Road Trip: Harajuku

Our first full day in Tokyo was spent in one of my favourite places, Harajuku!! I will say I think it's lost a little bit of its quirky charm, matured dare I say but it's still a magical place.

Fake crepes! I noticed a few more crepe places have popped up since our last trip

Harajuku crepes

Santa Monica crepes

Harajuku fashion
I later realised these girls were in line for a bunny cafe!! 

Sakura making it's way to Tokyo! 

Have you seen this japanese quirky trend of face masks?

Kiddyland was sold out of cat sushi but I did eventually find two other Gachapon machines and got the last two!

Sailor moon Pullips! Last time I was in Japan, it was hard to find anything sailor moon but this time Kiddyland (big multi level toy shop in Harajuku) had a whole section :) Maybe due to  new release?!

Watermelon fashion

We had lunch at the great burger and apart from my sad salad, the burger was amazing!!!

This cool reflective building was new (to me!) :)

Harajuku flower shop

Had to get a photo with this cutie lacrosse mascot + hello kitty fuji fee represent (possible band name?)

We also witnessed a hoard of girls outside on takeshita street eating giant rainbow coloured fairy floss

Later on that afternoon we said goodbye to Harajuku and headed back on the train to Kichijoji, where our German cat blog friends told us the best cat cafe in Tokyo existed - Termari no ouchi. They said they had just visited and it was super cute and themed like a studio ghibli movie - yes please!

Unfortunately inside the front door was as far as we got and we were told they didn't have a vacancy until April 2nd, five day too late! *sad face* we did explore the neighbourhood though and it was actually super cute, with some craft and boutique like shops so if you're visiting Tokyo, it may be worthy of a stop (even better if you could have a booking at Temari no Ouchi!). 


  1. I think I would die of happiness here. All of the characters and clothes are almost too dreamy! Love your eye for detail. <3 xo

    1. Still my favourite place in Tokyo for all those reasons :) :)

  2. Oh my goodness, so much fun stuff! I spotted Pom Pom Purins and those cat totes look just like my Tofu:)

    1. good spotting! How cute about the tote too (Tofu is still an insanely awesome name!!)

  3. Ah so sorry to hear that there was no vacancy! Harajuku is a must go huh! My gundam heart! :)

    1. definitely pays to plan ahead sometimes and I think a tokyo trip needs a harajuku visit for sure!

  4. i'm obsessed with your photos! have i already asked you what camera and lens you shoot with?

    1. This is such a slow reply but I use a 5dmarkii and when I travel I usually take my 50mm but I have a bunch of fixed lenses, 24,35, 50, 85 and 135 :)


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