Friday, July 29, 2016

Japan Road Trip : Pet Turtle, Steet Cats and Hibiya Park

My last official road trip post, is a hodge-podge of activities we did in Tokyo, from a huge walk where we ran into an old lady with a pet turtle that rode in her bicycle's front basket to meeting a stray cat with a hitler mo, yup, it's all coming up for you today!

Isn't she the best!

Hitler kitty

He looks so grumpy but they were the sweetest cats and I love that they hung out together!

Plum blossoms


Despite absolutely loving this holiday, a few days before departure I was really craving going back home, seeing our cat and just back to everyday boring routine. When we got home, we had the most delightful reunion with Gremlin, he kind of resorted back to kitten state and wanted to play lots and sleep on our bed and not leave our side - it was especially cute! I've actually got so much to update you guys on life, since Japan but I also have a handful of photo posts to share from Japan that I think will be fun - so until then :)

Final Observations
Japan loves melons (what a random one!)


  1. Wow what a trip! Enjoyed going along for the re-ride!

    1. Aww thanks Jane :) it will definitely go down in history as one of our fav trips!

  2. That turtle lady is 100% the best. You're totally right.

    1. she was so good and did I mention it rode around in her bicycle when she wasn't busy stopped, chatting to her friend - someone needs to make a doco on her!


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