Thursday, July 28, 2016

Japan Road Trip: Stray Cats and Cherry Blossoms

I mentioned in my previous post that I would share our trip to Yanaka Cemetery (a short walk from Nippori Station). I loved visiting this cemetery not only were the cherry blossoms out in bloom but we spotted lots of stray cats, darting in and out of the graves and a few sun baking on top of them. The light was shining through and it made the whole trip so beautiful! Oh and the cemetery is huge, you can easily fill an hour or more walking around it :)

Wooden japanese plaque

Cemetery stray

Sakura street


  1. I dunno why, but Japanese street cats seem cuter to me than regular street cats. Just me?

    1. We don't have to many stray cats in Australia, or maybe we do and I just don't know where to look but 100% agreeance on the cuteness!


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