Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wooden Pallet Shelf

So a while back I was heavily on the carpentry train + home beautification quest and realised I needed a shelf in my room :) I was also seeing if I could push my carpentry skills past a basic stool - eep!

Spoiler alert: Success!

I completed the project over a week and it was super intense! The wood was originally from a pallet we had in our yard which meant the first step was to cut it all up using my hand saw

Peachy was project supervisor btw :)

After cutting the pallet up, I then had to work out the possible dimensions of my shelf which was based off the sizes of wood pieces from the pallet and also how I wanted my shelf to function plus the space it needed to fit in. I have a giant Tim walker book so I knew the bottom shelf needed to be at least that height :) This stage was a bit painful but once I had my dimensions I was able to draw up a plan and cut all my pieces to their exact sizes, I also sanded and varnished each piece, because the wood wasn't the smoothest.

I just kind of winged constructions, I hammered in a million nails and although someone told me later I should have used screws to make it more sturdy, I figure those little wood braces I put in and the amount of nails saved the day there :)

Ta - daaaa! I love it's naturally weathered look and bonus points that it fit into its space *sigh of relief*. Ben had previously used the pallet whilst spray painting Jake's nerf gun pink so I love that it has those pink splotches! The wood itself, because it came from a pallet wasn't exactly the straightest so when it came to working out the shelves, I laid all the pieces flat in our living room and worked out the best configurations for them to fit together and lay the flattest :)

Overall I'd say this project was a two thumbs up success - it's also been fun styling the shelf and I love that it's super practical and beautiful in one.


  1. What?! This is so cool! Wonderful job! And your project supervisor is pretty cute :) ha~!

    1. She is definitely the cutest and nice to have a cat that always wants to hang out, Gremlin does his thing a little bit more :P Thanks Jane!

  2. I've always been interested in woodworking even if I've only tried it back in highschool (which was 11-14 yrs ago).

    1. I was always interested too but I did so bad in highschool (couldn't even hammer in a nail straight) so my bad grades put me off continuing it further but I'm glad I'm back into it again - it's much easier this time around :) :)


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