Monday, November 7, 2016

Badges - Hand Lettering

Okay I'm back to share a bunch more badges I made when we had access to a badge maker - so fun! I went hand lettering mad, fell into a Pinterest spiral of inspiration + rad blog buddies like Katrina Sophia helped fuel the desire to try myself. I found when learning and practising this blog (Pieces Calligraphy) and its tutorials so so helpful! It gave me confidence really quickly which I didn't think was possible since my hand writing is definitely something I'm not normally proud of! I'm popping up a photo of each finished badge and also the design, because photographing badges is hard especially with the glare factor!

For our recent Japan trip, we used a translator to try and help me get vegan meals. I remember Ben looking into what the direct translation of Kanzen Saishoku Shugi No was and apparently it came up as "perfect vegetable person" which I thought was totes adorable and of course have wanted to make something with that phrase ever since!

Okay there is no denying I'm 100% in support of Adnan coming out of jail, don't know what I'm talking about? Go listen to Serial and promptly follow up with Undisclosed, you can thank me later :)

I'm also definitely a proud cloud watcher! If you're a cloud lover like myself, you should follow the cloud appreciation society on facebook here!

This one was inspired by El Juantastico's hand lettering, I love his 90s messy look he's got going with his work!

Looking at this makes me laugh because I wrote it thinking it said "birthdays suck" when Ben informed me, sux, actually reads sucks - ha ha ha, I'm definitely no gangster :p

I really like how the yellow came out on the black for this one!

and yup, I had to do this one - super romantic at heart!

I need to wear this on the days I want to try and be productive :)

And finishing off with some pink birthday cheer :)


  1. I need the productive day badge. Lately it's been a chore to do simple things. I love all your creations, Fee!

    1. Thanks Jane and definitely go easy on yourself, doing nothing is totally okay too! Thinking of you xoxoxo

  2. Love these Fee!!! Thank you so much for mentioning me and I am glad I inspire you <3


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