Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Badges - Illustrations

My final few badges to show you guys - a few illustration ones I did to add to my gigantic pile! 

Possibly, I made a little too many for myself :p

Bunny badge! I drew this bunny off one of the bunnies we saw at rabbit island in Japan, still can't get over that cuteness of that place

Remember when I said I used the marbled paper we made for something else - this is it!

And lucky last a little swan boat, also inspired from our Japan trip! 
Okay I promise that's all for badges, for now anyway :p


  1. Too sweet! I want all of them!! x

  2. Such cute colors! and the bunnyyyyy!! :)

  3. Loving the ones you made! They seem to be special little ones. Would you make more and sell? I would love to buy them!

    1. I'm pretty slack on the selling side though, Ben and I had talked about doing a market together, so I might end up making a few more :)

  4. Awwwww they are perfect! Love specially the two inspired by Japan (I'm so obvious, sorry! :P) but how cute is that Fee <3 Ben !!!


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