Friday, December 9, 2016

Fraser Island 2016

The other weekend, was our annual Fraser Island trip. Fraser, originally home to the Butchulla People is the largest sand island in the World, named K'gari which literally translates to paradise. 

If you make the journey to Fraser, the first step is to grab a barge ticket alongside your camping and vehicle permits from Rainbow Beach before taking the mantra ray (barge) across to Fraser. 

Once on the island we took the inland track and hit up Lake Boomanjin known for it's coloured waters. We then explored a new (to us!) lake, Benaroon, which included a nice little walk to the waters edge and a delightful swim once we were all hot and sweaty! We then hit up our favourite lake, Birabeen (clear waters and white sands – paradise!) before setting up camp at central station. Every year I complain about how central station is way too much like glamping for me but after having a hot shower for $2 I decided to stay quiet this year :P 

On our second day we visited Eli creek and I'm super grateful we got to squeeze it in (thanks Dad for the killer itinerary). I will say rocking up to Eli was like (what I imagine) being on a contiki tour feels like, hot bodies playing water sports, boom boxes pumping on top of cars and many a pick up line floating around the airwaves :P My middle bro matty bought blow up rings and it was super fun catching the current down the creek :) That day we also visited lake Garawongera and we did one last stop off at Birabeen before catching the last ferry home :) 

I know I always say it but if you're ever in this neck of the woods, Fraser is definitely worth a visit :)

This years trip included my two younger Brothers, Jake and Matty alongside Ben, Dad and myself :)

Matty doing a size comparison for those bones - so big - any guesses to the animal - whale?

Apparently this is a thing kids are doing these days :P

All of us - hurrah for self timers!

goanna tracks

 Past Fraser Trips

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