Sunday, December 11, 2016

Thrifty Sunday /16

Close to Christmas is such a good time to go thrifting with the stores being packed full with donations :)

Such love for vintage stickers, this pack is doctor themed!

Have no idea what to do with these but hopefully they're a craft extravagance waiting to happen :)

Pink baubles for a pink tree - that's allowed right?

I'm so excited to wear this sweater come Winter which for us in Australia is in June, July August

Giant glittery snowflakes to hang on our patio

I finally found myself a tape player and its pink (bonus points!). I was searching for a tape player to play our old Christmas tapes :)

And a cute weight lifter panda key-chain. I did tried to find out this guys origin, I was thinking he must of been Olympic memorabilia but I really couldn't track anything down.

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