Friday, January 20, 2017

Brisbane Gallery and Museum

After GOMA we headed over to the old art gallery and the museum which is only a few steps away :) My main goal for going to the museum was to get some inspiration for ceramic making :) :)

One day I'd love to do a woodcut too :)

There's a story linked to this guy above - one night I was driving home and saw what I thought was a Bilby, just down from our place. At home, Ben told me Bilbies are super endangered and after a bit of googling I quickly learned that we also don't live in their habitat. I thought I'd gone crazy until more googling revealed a Bilby is basically a long eared Bandicoot (above) which are much more common! Still so cool to see a Bandicoot and actually learn the difference.  I might be a bad aussie here, in not having known the difference :P

Now this guy IS a Bilby and has been made extra famous around Easter when the shops stock a chocolate Bilby Easter bunny :) I think his long ears gives him the slight cuteness factor over the bandicoot but both are definitely adorable!

Brisbane museum - display

Brisbane museum - kangaroo skeleton

Tawny Frogmouth Owl! We went to our friends the other weekend and they had one in their tree :) Someone commented that they look like a cross between a kookaburra and an owl *nods*

Platypus and Echidna! I'ave ticked both these guys off my 'seen in the wild' list here and here

Brisbane museum - skeleton

Cowrie shells - the animal print of the water Kingdom :)

Sugar glider! Oh my gosh they are so cute, we got to rescue one from Ben's room a few months ago, at first we thought it was a mouse (so tiny!) but it was hoping around and then we saw it was trying to get elevation so it could glide! I wasn't aware that when they're not in flight mode you can't really see the excess skin that gives them their wing power, so I think it's okay we intially mistook it for a mouse!

More bilbies! I definitely have to make one of those guys out of clay! :) :)


  1. ooh I've held a sugar glider before too and it really is sooo cute!! I hate that we don't have museums like this where I live. Also, I've been missing out on too many of your posts so I've got to catch up! what a busy month, hope all is good on your end! x Sharon

    1. eep - how cute are sugar gliders!!! I feel like Jan is flying by as well! Thanks for your comment :)

  2. Oh my gosh how utterly fascinating. And both are very cute but I think the ears on the bilby do make them slightly cuter ;)

    1. Big ears for the win! :) :) This makes me think of Noddy! Okay Now I'm getting off track :P :P


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