Wednesday, January 18, 2017

GOMA turns 10

The gallery of modern art turned 10 and to celebrate they put on an amazing show with some big show stopping exhibits! It was also the most crowded I've ever seen it so I had to keep reminding myself that everyone was probably wishing it was a little less packed and wished that Ben and I would have stayed home that day :p 

It was my first time to see a Ron Mueck piece in person and wow! how amazing - awe smacked for sure!

To remember all the artists and titles I take a photo of the info following the photo of the artwork - makes life much easier! GOMA was pretty packed that you even needed to line up to read the info card!

This fur was amazing and even though my hair has definitely faded, I still felt like I fitted in :)

Everyone was doing it!

They even had a giant slide down the middle!

A lot of the exhibitions had been in previous collections, including this installation where you can write a letter and leave it behind and you can also read those left behind by others :)

Afterwards we walked over to the museum to get inspiration for clay making!
I'll be doing a seperate post for all my museum photos :) :)


  1. So many interesting pieces together! I would love to see a Ron Mueck in real life! and the fur and the pastel terrariums catch also my eye. I realized how much I miss going to an exhibit, need to check what is going on here in Barcelona :)

    1. That lady in big sculpture was even better than I had ever imagined and I've seen quite a few photos of her now - so many good details and textures to stare at, I really don't blame people lining up to want to read the info care :) :) Oh and those pastel terrariums are so cute hey by a lovely lady called Tanya Schultz whose art name is Pip & Pop!

  2. woah. thanks for sharing, those exhibits look amazing! not sure why but I love the baby elephant, so much feels :)

    1. I love the elephant too - it's super big as well, not sure I really got the perspective with the shot, should of put Ben right next to him :)


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