Monday, January 16, 2017

Snail Mail /10

So this utterly amazing parcel appeared in my mailbox the other week. It had traveled all the way from Spain, sent from the lovely Damaris who blogs at The Cat you and Us! You already know that she is one of my favourite blog gals and I'm sure we would be ultra friends in real life too :) Her parcel was so so special and everything in it made me do huge big smiles!!!

When you first find a Gachapon capsule, pastel pink and twine you know things are going to be wonderful :)

I made sure (before diving in) to appreciate all the pretty tape she had used on all the little parcels!

Wowsers! Blown away + cheeks hurting from smiling so much! I have to mention that adorable cat purse because I don't think I got a good close up photo of it. Damaris was also very smart to include the little info card inside to know it's by Kishboo! They make such pretty bags and jewellery!

Check out that adorable Christmas card, I can't imagine a card more perfect and yup it definitely matches our pink tree! On a side note we thought we might have issues this year with Peachy and the tree but she was happy just to munch on the bottom non-breakable ornaments :) OH OH and Japnese kit Kat!!!!

On an extra side note, it's been a really intense last week with Peachy suffering a brown snake bite.  Peachy is a warrior princess though and despite being still really sick, I have lots of faith in her full recovery :)  I might blog a bit more about it all but she's still in the thick of it so it's nice for me at the moment to distract myself with super happy things like snail mail!!! 99% of the other time I'm giving Peachy gentle pats and telling her how pretty she is :) :)

How frighten cute is that patch and sticker by Pony People, Ben remarked afterwards that I pretty much have to make that planter now - eep, we'll see might be a big challenge!!

The Japanese candies were so perfect, we both got to travel to Japan last year (separately *sad face*) and Damaris and Dani are still blogging their awesome adventures of Japan over on their blog at the moment.  They take such amazing photos you definitely need to have a peep!

Ariel biscuit! oh my gosh, how cute is that and I can personally say the apple crackers were one of the best things I've eaten :)

And then an actual Ariel pin from their trip To Disney Sea! *gasp* it's now one of the most special things I own, it's glittery and pretty and the clasp on the back is shaped as Mickey! How cool is that! I wore it out the other day and was super worried about losing it but it seems to secure really well so I probably should get over that paranoia! Oh and the Gachapon had Sailor Uranus!! Eep, so so wonderful and I feel so lucky to have received everything inside :) :) So much thanks, special lady!


  1. Do you know how happy I was when you told me it had arrived? I am always such in a worry when sending parcels (similar to your pin falling paranoia that I also happen to have, hahaha! ) Great that you loved the apple cracker, I was babbling all the time with Dani how yummy it was and although he wasn't very impressed still indulged me into buying more for souvenir so I could spread my addiction ;) Oh! need to see that planter, great idea, I'm sure you can do an amazing piece!

    1. If only we could stick a little camera on our parcels so we could really track them!! he he he - it's so scary huh? But it arrived - hurrah!!! I'm so so thankful for it's arrival too - ohhh the apple crackers were amazing, i'll post a little photo on instagram on how I had them - I tired to be as Japanese as possible! he he he he - Big THANKS!

  2. This is an amazing little parcel! And I hope your pussy cat is OK <3


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