Thursday, February 16, 2017

Canon 1000f - Lomography 100 /02

I'm back with some more film that's not part of my monthly series but leftover from last year. I've shot a roll of Lomo 100 in my canon film camera (1000f) before with happy results you can see here and I was just as happy this time round :)

These shots are from our last Fraser Island trip which you can read more about over here too.

Tomorrow I'm going to throw up a few extra photos from the roll that I thought warranted being converted to black and white :)


  1. The colors here makes me happy too! so pretty <3

  2. Lomography films really have nice colors and tones. It's just abit overpriced in our country.

    1. to be honest its been a while since I've bought any so it may be overpriced for me now too :P :P


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