Thursday, February 23, 2017

Clay Kangaroo Planter

Aside from my crazy cat banana this kangaroo planter is one of my most favourite things I've made in clay to-date! 

I kept his base gloss free but drew on the design with red gloss paint. If you don't recognise the plant it's - kangaroo paws! I thought it would also be cute to paint his paws red as well :)

I drew some minimal eyes on with a special clay pencil (a normal pencil's colour would just burn off during the hot firing temps).

And a shot of him after his first bisque firing and before he's been painted where I make sure to do a lot of sanding and smoothing!

Finally, I've been growing this little succulent from a discarded leaf, so I was happy to finally of found a home for him!

I'm planning to make another kangaroo in a similar vein but without a planter this time but a baby joey!


  1. Red + white is such a pretty combination to me. This is too cute!

    1. Yeah it's so nice huh! It's inspired me to do a few more animals like this in a similar vein :)

  2. So cute!!! Clever lady :) :) xxxxx

  3. You are so inspiring!! Keep on making!


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