Monday, February 27, 2017

Film Camera A Month - Feburary

For February, I choose my Canon EOS 3 camera. It's a film camera with a lot of different options to play around with and it takes my digital higher end lenses so this month I could do close ups! It's funny because most of the film ended up being of Peaches and Gremlin though some of my favourite photos of them. Can I just say how much I love this monthly film challenge!! So far I've only manage a roll each month but to be honest that's one extra roll then I had previously been using :p When I see the cats doing something cute, normally I'd just grab my iPhone or digital but since I'm trying to have at least one roll completed each month it's meant I've found myself grabbing for my film camera - hurrah!

I also need to point out there are some super sad photos on this roll and a little disclaimer for those who don't want to scroll. I found a dead sugar glider :( :( I'm still coming to terms with treating all animals as equals but there is something that happened in my brain when I saw him that made me super super sad. I guess to be honest, it made me more sad than seeing something non cute and fluffy. 

At the start I couldn't even deal with seeing his little body. I rang Ben to debrief but he was in the thick of work, so I went around the garden and collected little flowers and a soft rag and a box with the thought that I would pick him up and put him in it. It took me sooooo long to pick him up (I'm definitely clearly not okay with death). When I did, I just spent the longest time looking at him - makes me weepy to even think about those moments and then I had the courage to pat his head and really examine how amazing they are! I felt privileged and sad to have got to spend so long marveling at him. I decided I definitely needed to take some photos and thus why this post may not be okay for some people and I totally get that! If you think you are okay to see them, I promise there is nothing gruesome or gore-filled just a little lifeless creature (still deserving of a warning).

For those playing along at home, I used a lomography 400 colour roll and I set my camera to 200 ISO but had it processed at 400 so essentially pulling the film because I'm all about that softness of late!


The blue tongue I got to relocate - that was such a good day for me because (and sorry for repeating myself from instagram) but blue tongues are definitely top five fav animals of mine :)

I've actually begun a clay sculpt of this little dude, so he'll never be forgotten :)

 His little feet were incredible!

Oh my gosh I love love that photo of gremlin on the right! He is such a funny cat, he suffers from resting bitch face but he's also got a whole bunch of other expressions usually fueled by his scaredy cat ways, I'm not even sure what face he is doing here, maybe just a general unsure vibe!

Cutie Pie Peachy, who often finds herself banished from my room (after a few warnings!) because she likes causing havoc. Just the other day she literally clawed her way to the top of my white scrim (cloth behind her in the photo above) which caused her and the scrim to fall backwards on top of my kangaroo planter which broke tragically :( Peachy was a-okay though, which hey, clay can be rebuilt right!

Tomorrow I'll post a couple more from this film which I converted to black and white:)


  1. i really love the colors in these, lomo is always great! also, your cats are charming :)

    1. Definitely a great and not too expensive option :) :)


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