Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Clay /8

I've been having fun making clay and trying to fill each kiln load so we can make the most of each firing
Below are my latest efforts :)

Not sure if you can really tell (hard to photograph that shiny gold) but the guys on the left are tiny cat heads and some clouds on the right :)

Spotted bunny

And his side profile

Bunnies, butterfly, onigiri and the opera house!

Tiny spoons

And our first experiments firing with glass! We tried putting some marbles (combo between smashed and whole) into the bottom of a bowl I made and I think it turned out really pretty! 

More experiments to come :)


  1. I think I'm obsessed with how cute onigiri shape is (and yum..), you made a really good one too!! x

  2. Always amazing, Fee :)

  3. Really love your spotted bunny!

    1. he's currently looking at me on my display shelf, making me happy! he he


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