Sunday, April 23, 2017

Thrifty Sunday /18

 Another Thrifty Sunday for you guys

Cute story about these sunnies, the little op shop lady told me they would look good on me and I put them on for her and she was like "yes they do look good" he he!

This book by Anna Spiro is beyond beautiful, I read it as quickly as I could and I learnt so many amazing house design tips :)

You can never have too many glittery things!

My first ever gratitude journal and I think it's been helping a lot on those days you think "gosh nothing went right today"

Plastic tray to house my candles

Pink sifter and an interesting article Sarah posted on facebook about millennial pink!

Another Matilda the kangaroo mug

Pink knitting needles which are nice and fat to inspire me to make my chunky beanie I've been talking about for ages

And a pink throw, to prevent clay mess all over the floor

Is that too much pink?


  1. There can never be too much pink! :) :)
    And I luurrve those sunnies! <3

    1. yay for pink, it's definitely my happy colour :) :)

  2. Ooh everything's so pretty! <3 <3

    1. it's definitely so fun to hunt for things too!

  3. Perfect amount of pink in this post :))


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