Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Film Camera a Month - May

For May I chose to use my Canon 1000f film camera. 
 As I mentioned before, I was really looking forward to using a more reliable film camera for this month.

For my film I decided to use slide x-pro 200 by lomography. I then decided to go a step further and have it developed in normal colour settings aka having it cross processed. I also did my normal trick of over exposing in camera by two stops which honestly was this month's biggest downfall. If I use this slide film again, I will just shoot at normal exposure as a lot of the shots from this roll were way too washed out to even share :( In saying that I'm still super excited to share my favourites, which I do really love!!

The reds ended up being super bright which I think is so pretty :)
You may also recognise this shot from my insta :P

Don't think I explained the focus to Ben :P

Can you spy the corn! My bro visited and we opened one and I'd say it was 70% ready but he still gave it two thumbs up for taste wise :)


  1. These colors are dreaaaamy Fee. I really love the one Ben took of you :)

    1. I really like it too :) That cafe we were at was so cute, I wish our home had pretty bay windows like that!

  2. Didn't know that Xpro is a slide film. Is it? I should try it one of these days as well!

    1. It is :) :) Definitely give it a go, I'm keen to try it again without overexposing this time!


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