Thursday, June 1, 2017

Birthday Haul 2017

Oops, only a month late to show off my awesome gifts!!!

First up from my lovely cousin, rainbow fairy lights, a pretzel purse and shoe wings - which I have another photo to show in a second!

My cousin and her family also got me this amazing mermaid tail throw - so so good, I've been using it at night whilst watching tellie :)

The wings in action and an awesome cat space themed shirt from my middle bro which he got in Japan - making it even more special!

My oldest bro gave me this awesome book on dreams. The book is essentially a dictionary where you look up key words from your dreams - I have it right beside my bed to make sure I get those first waking insights :)

Ben's mum gifted me with these super cute owl earrings and anyone recognise the card? I really enjoyed learning about Margaret Keane and her story in Big Eyes :)

And lucky last an awesome haul from Ben which includes rainbow gloves, a sailor moon choker, stickers, a pin and a Shaun Tan book!

Shaun Tan is an Australian artist Ben and I both adore and this book is all his clay work which is so inspiring to both of us!

And my pin and cute succulent stickers Ben found - etsy was definitely his friend :) he he!
Big love for all of it!


  1. I like how it seems everyone knew you very well with their choices of gifts :) And did I miss your birthday?? I hope you had a good one :)

    1. Everyone is always so sweet and considerate! Thanks Sharon, I think sometimes I keep my bday under wraps, maybe it's an age thing :P :P he he!

  2. You always get the best birthday presents!! That mermaid throw!!

    1. It's sooo amazing and its been keeping me nice and cosy too!


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