Thursday, September 28, 2017

Didga and Boomer - Skateboarding Cats

One of the coolest things to ever happen was chancing upon Didga and Boomer. Ben and I have been long time fans, so we were super star struck to run into them on our walk. If you don't know, Didga is the coolest skateboarding girl cat out there, just type her name into YouTube! Boomer, the Bengal boy cat, a later addition, 
is also learning the ropes due to the dedicated training of Catmantoo aka Robert Dollwet :) Both cats also hold World Records btw (how cool is that!)

Robert was so nice to stop and chat with us and a bunch of peeps who has gathered around. We told him how we tried to make Gremlin an adventure kitty but we failed and then he told us the lengths he had gone to with Boomer. Those lengths included, driving up to the Sunshine Coast once a week, (whilst boomer was still a kitten and still too young to come home) paying for a hotel so he could stay up there and then sitting with Boomer and playing him sounds of the ocean and cars, and letting him watch skateboard videos. He said after all that boomer still lacks the same adventure spirit of Didga :p Oops!

Didga on the other hand was a shelter kitty and took to the training like a pro (apparently cats who love food will be easier to train). Roberts main tip was to not expect anything from a cat (good advice) and to reward heavily and be persistent.

Didga is such an independent cat and she is totally unafraid of people or the sound of traffic, she was happy just to cruise on her own and after a few calls from Robert she came walking over.

The icing on the cake was definitely seeing them in action though and despite Boomer not being as talented as his sister, I think he did pretty darn good in this clip below!

Some interesting FAQ on Robert's page
Facebook Fan Page here
Youtube Page here
Instagram here


  1. Didga looks chubby I feel like squeeeezing and pinching. both are too cute!

    1. I was actually having the thought "mmmm, yup, you can tell she loves her treats" he he!

  2. Replies
    1. I can only hope to be a tenth of their coolness!! :P


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