Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Crazy Cat Cafe - Gold Coast

So one of the awesome things we got to do down at the Goldie was go to the Crazy Cat Cafe

(definitely more cute than crazy though!)

First up they had a Siamese munchkin cat that was a kitten *gasp* and yes she was as adorable as that combo sounds :)

Despite munchkins cuteness, I definitely bonded the most with this guy, who was happy to play with the toys on offer :)

Whilst a lot of the other cats were pretty content to sleep :p

We went around 4pm and half way through our session (we opted for 30 minutes) the cats did slowly start to wake up (as the sun started setting).

The cats all seemed very at ease, content and well looked after, oh and super super soft :)

There was the option of doing the hour session but based on our cat cafe experience in Tokyo we thought 30 minutes would be totally okay. In hindsight, an hour would have been great. It may have been lucky timing but in our session there were only 2-3 other couples which meant space to wander around to each cat without feeling like you were intruding on other people's experience. Contrasting that to Japan where it was super crowded and we only ended up staying 10 minutes. I know it's hard to compare the Gold Coast to Tokyo as you have to account for population and cultural demands, possibly leading to differing visitor numbers. Just some food for thought.

In the space there's a screen set up with a piece of animated string that keeps moving. This guy above had a few attempts at grabbing it :)

I did not know!

Universal cat sign for "I'm trying to sleep!"

Tomorrow I have one more cat surprise from our trip and probably one of my favourite moments, ever!


  1. omg gorgeous photos! such cute cats! I went to a cat cafe in Paris, but the cats weren't very social at all. Went a couple days cuz of the amazing cheese cake though..... hehe.

    1. Oh it would be so interesting to go around the World to as many cat cafes as possible and see the differences :) I guess cats will be cats and sometimes they just don't want to interacts :P

  2. that 1st photo! she looks like she's bored haha ;) these photos made my day!


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